precise storage and delivery monitoring
Up to  15%
increase in farm yields
Up to  30%
reduction of irrigation water consumption

LoRa Technology is already being used in many vertical markets including agriculture, smart city, smart building, and logistics. Exactly the agriculture gave a start of IoT development in many advanced countries. This sphere includes many directions where NEKTA Net innovative solutions can be applied to ensure the greatest productivity and efficiency. The approach can be performed in any activity, from water flow and quality monitoring, pest control or storage conditions to forecasting important changes in the atmosphere. With new technologies all these processes become easy and bring benefits to your business.

Low cost

NEKTA offer an economizing solution in comparison with the usual technologies (GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth). This happens due to energy saving and long autonomous work period which influence on deployment and operation costs.

Our techniques allow agriholdings and farms to engage in "precision agriculture" and with a help of special sensors to determine the concentration of fertilizers in the soil, identify irrigation period and control the agricultural process itself. The executives can immediately see on their screens and stop any wasting actions like seeds overrun, fuel or chemical misuse and so on. The Low-cost connected platforms can enable location tracking and remote health monitoring of a livestock; smart greenhouses and unmanned agricultural machinery are also not the distant future. IoT is here and it works!