Smart Metering and Telemetry System NEKTA

  • Cloud platform (On-prim), Server (Box) and Mobile versions
  • More than 450+ types of devices
  • Consumer personal account
  • Built-in LoRa Network Server for LoRaWAN network management

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partners and integrators


customers of the NEKTA Cloud


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NEKTA is an Intuitive Smart Metering System

Reasons why companies choose NEKTA


Unified interface and functionality for all resources and monitored parameters
  • Metering for different types of resources (electricity, heat, water, gas)
  • Monitoring of CO2 level, temperature, light, humidity
  • Security motion sensors, door openings
  • Lighting control, control of other equipment
  • Support for more than 450 device models and the list is constantly updated
  • Support for LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LPWAN communication channels


Control of emergency situations and other types of events
  • Flexible notification system settings
  • Ability to send notifications by e-mail, sms, push
  • Notifications about deviations of any device parameters
  • Notifications about device verifications and replacements
  • Notifications about the discharge of the built-in batteries
  • Notifications about loss and resumption of communication
  • Ability to create custom events


Work in NEKTA under your brand and personal interface design
  • The possibility of corporate branding
  • Interface design according to your wishes
  • Placement on the company's subdomain
  • Developing your business with NEKTA products
  • The ability to build your own network of partners
  • Customer loyalty and brand awareness


All conditions for effective user work and team access
  • Tree-like structure of objects for quick access to the accounting point
  • Displaying all objects and events on the map
  • Multi-user access to the system with the differentiation of rights
  • Granting users access rights to certain objects
  • Fixing and storing logs of user actions and device operation


More than 50 types of ready-made reports and the ability to create custom forms
  • A wide range of standard reports
  • Reports are single and by device group
  • Special reports for resource provider
  • Uploading to the financial system
  • Development of a custom report template
  • Export data to HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, PDF
  • Balance sheets by device groups


Seamless integration with external systems for data exchange
  • Integration with the billing system of companies
  • Integration with SCADA according to IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • Exchange with the subscriber's Personal Account on the company's website
  • Receiving data from external information system and network servers


Quick start of work in the system without additional preparation
  • Minimalistic and functional design
  • Convenient location of work items
  • Rapid development of the functionality without additional training of personnel
  • The possibility of custom improvements and branding of the interface


Expert technical support, prompt and detailed processing of each request
  • We promptly process 100% of requests
  • Multiple channels for sending requests (phone, e-mail, telegram, whatsapp)
  • A team of analysts and technical consulting - to solve complex issues
  • We select the optimal solution in each individual situation
  • Detailed technical documentation is available online
  • Regular system updates to improve and develop the system

Become a NEKTA partner

We invite partners to cooperate and join NEKTA community! We will deploy the NEKTA IoT platform on your server. Get the status of a system administrator and implement cloud and server Iot solutions for your customers. Grow your business with NEKTA


    Implement NEKTA products and IoT solutions in your clients' projects. Use ready-made solutions or components to develop your own software. We share our experience and success in the field of IoT.


    Provide services for resource accounting, monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity sensors, as well as protection of facilities in addition to communication services.


    Offer a platform for automating resource accounting in support of smart equipment sales. Demonstrate and monitor the operation of your devices in NEKTA

Areas of application

Automation of accounting of company resources

Reliability of the data.

Reducing the number of recalculations.

Work with any type of equipment

Supports Ethernet, GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN

Receiving data from external software systems

Collecting data from external LoRaWAN servers

Reports to choose from

Exporting a report based on your company's template

Export reports to XLS, CSV, PDF, XML

Integration and data exchange

With the sales department billing system

With SCADA systems of the engineering service

Exchange with the subscriber's Personal Account on the company's website

Направление Интернета вещей

Предоставьте услуги по учету ресурсов компаний, мониторингу датчиков температуры и влажности окружающей среды, а так же охране объектов

Администрирование клиентов

Создание и настройка учетных записей

Мониторинг состояния приборов учета и модемов

Автопродление и блокировка при оплате/неоплате

Работа с любым типом оборудования

Поддержка Ethernet, GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN

Получение данных с внешних программных комплексов

Сбор данных с внешних серверов LoRaWAN

White Label

Брендирование учетной записи

Отдельная точка доступа с домена Вашей компании

Отсутствие упоминаний о разработчике

Увеличение продаж

Предложите платформу для автоматизации учета ресурсов в поддержку продаж умного оборудования.

Данные с приборов онлайн

Возможность вывода данных для презентаций работы нового оборудования.

Настройка и диагностики оборудования клиентов

White Label

Брендирование учетной учетной записи

Отдельная точка доступа с домена Вашей компании

Отсутствие упоминаний о разработчике.

Работа с любым типом оборудования

Поддержка Ethernet, GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN

Получение данных с внешних программных комплексов

Сбор данных с внешних серверов LoRaWAN

Simultaneous readings collection

Simultaneous readings collection from household and individual metering devices

Monitoring of accidents and emergency situations

Prompt detection of theft, breakthroughs, breaches, exposure to a magnet

Reports to the resource supply organization

Uploading reports in Excel and xml format


Balance sheet of individual and general household metering devices

Statistics generation

Consumption statistics are visible both for the enterprise as a whole and for workshops.

Consumption control

Identification of irrational use of electric energy

Monitoring of accidents and emergency situations

The software warns about exceeding the limits of current, voltage or power values.

Accounting of tenants and sub-subscribers

The software separates its own consumption from the consumption of tenants and calculate the volume of their consumption.

Simultaneous readings collection

Timely monitoring of electricity consumption by each subscriber.

Remote monitoring

No need for direct access to the metering device to check the readings.

Cost reduction

A significant reduction in the cost of organizing the statement of accounts and maintenance of accounting points

Timely payment

Increasing the responsibility of subscribers in matters of payment of bills

Functionality of NEKTA

The Devices section is one of the main sections of the system. In this section, the user can view the data received from the device, grouping them by time intervals, add and remove devices, as well as calibrate, plot graphs based on device data, link devices to users and infrastructure objects.

Meters readings are transmitted in real time and stored in a reliable cloud storage. Calculation of consumption by hours, days, weeks, months or for a selected period is available. You can compare readings from different meters. You can upload the data. It is possible to make an automatic report according to the customer's template. The readings are stored for at least 12 months.

Creating group reports. Export reports to a file (PDF, Excel, csv, xml). Automatic sending of reports to the mail on a schedule. Quick printing of reports.

The Companies section provides for the possibility of creating internal companies. This feature is useful for partners or large companies that have divisions. In the Users section, users are managed within the current company. Access rights for users are configured in the Access Rights section.

The report displays a table with the daily consumption of resources for each consumer object, the total consumption for all objects, the amount of resource released from the source for each day and the percentage of discrepancy between the amounts of consumption and vacation. The report automatically recalculates according to all the rules of commercial accounting.

You can receive notifications by e-mail, SMS or in pop-up windows with object flashing. You can configure the system's response to certain events. Notifications can be sent to the mobile app. In addition, registration of events/object status in the report is available. In the tooltip, you can view the time and description of the event/violation.

Choose your NEKTA

NEKTA Cloud platform

On-premise solution

  • payment only for connected devices
  • quick start of work with minimal settings
  • access from any device connected to the Internet

NEKTA Server version

Box solution

  • maximally adaptive settings
  • hosting on your own server
  • storage and processing of information in a local network
  • compliance with the data privacy policy


Back-end solution

  • ready-made component for developers and IT companies
  • advantages and versatility of NEKTA in the interface of its own software
  • data exchange with external and internal information services
  • high security and instant access to data

Consumer personal account

It is intended for interaction of managing organizations, settlement centers and resource-supplying organizations with their consumers. Provides the presentation of data to the consumer about the consumption of resources from the NEKTA Metering System to the personal account. Integration with the Metering System of other developers is possible.

Login to the personal account is carried out by the user from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

  • Self-registration of consumers.
  • All information on the personal account.
  • Payment of charges on the personal account.
  • Transmission of meter readings.
  • History of accruals.
  • Transmission of consumer requests.
  • Notifications in your Personal Account.
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