Housing services and utilities

20% cost saving
100% data meter provision
NEKTA Net has fantastic opportunities to perform the integration of IoT devices in utilities market. We have all types of meters; indoor climate control systems with temperature, pressure and humidity parameters; emergencies monitoring; garbage collection and maintenance of elevators – this is just a part of NEKTA network list and Internet of Things features.

These technologies have already been operated among our clients, thus, creating IoT Net and our future.

Utility providers and their clients are able to check present-day expenses on-line. This aspect entails revolutionary changes in the system of housing and municipal services, making it clear and more transparent for everyone. Important thing is that the metering devices automatically redirect data to the utility company eliminating any additional verification and excluding mismatch of factual data. We offer a great solution which performs savings in energy consumption sphere and also in other utility services. It can be realized by many means such as “smart heating system” with temperature sensor feature, electronic waste control platform, monitoring of water distribution in facilities, “smart house” and etc. Due to distinctive features of these solutions they become universal and effective around the world.

6 years of wireless productivity

The NEKTA network sensors were designed to perform the highest possible energy efficiency due to periodical operation at a specific moment of data transmission or reception. Such approach to information processing allows communication modules to work autonomously up to 6 years.