Smart city

Up to 30%
Budget economy in energy efficiency
Up to 45%
free city parking spots

“Smart city” is a special development strategy of urban areas which helps to analyze, control and manage the entire city infrastructure by applying Internet of Things, IT and utility connections together. Connected devices are widely spread in all spheres of life necessities: utilities, traffic environment, safety, health care, education, waste management and etc. NEKTA develops a broad range of intelligent systems and technologies which covers measuring and analytical processes, "smart electricity grids", "smart house", monitoring of the environmental situation and etc. However, the priority of the company is aimed at optimization of urban management processes and making the life easier. For example, the "smart parking" system shows whether it is possible to park your car in the nearest spot or informs about alternative options. “Smart lighting” reduces electricity costs, saves the city budget and increases security in streets and roads. A new approach in energy measuring and network deployment reduces costs, consumer debt obligations and eliminates technical losses or theft of any kind. Each of mentioned above problems is a topic of the day throughout Russia.

LoRaWAN Open standard

NEKTA Net uses a wireless low power, wide area network technology with open standard protocol LoRaWAN. This standard makes possible to simplify integration and connection processes of billions of devices excluding dependency on one particular developer. Currently, LoRa-devices are being produced by dozens of major manufacturers and global IoT market is rapidly expanded.

«Smart house» is one of the key elements of “smart city” infrastructure. Nowadays this management type is very popular among many European countries. It realizes the communication between all inside systems like heating, canalization, energy, telecommunication, security, nets and similar services. The IoT allows objects to be sensed or controlled remotely with the help of any convenient gadget which significantly reduces the accidental risk or emergency situation. Moreover, the main benefit of IoT solutions is the cost lowering in electricity and heating systems. The smart monitoring feature automatically keeps the right ecosystem in the building. It can inform about working electrical appliances and due to day time or tariffs selects the optimal operation mode.